Sunday, June 24, 2007

Comuzzi....a Tory? Yep.

Rumours began to surface just after his expulsion from the Liberal caucus that Joe Comuzzi, the now independent Member of Parliament from Thunder Bay -- Superior North, would join the Conservative caucus. Well, about four months later and this is seeming like the case. PMSH is set to announce on Tuesday, that like MP Wajid Khan (Mississaugua--Streetsville), Mr. Comuzzi will be joining the government caucus.

Mr. Comuzzi is an exceptional man with an immense amount of wisdom. He is a passionate advocate for Northern issues and I, as a Northern Ontarian, am excited by the possibility that he will be joining our team. I have no doubt that this will breathe a great depth of knowledge in our caucus to now be able to contribute more to the debate surrounding Northern Ontario and its most specific issues.

I has been confirmed to me, by some insiders that indeed this information is true and Mr. Comuzzi will be part of PMSH's team come Tuesday.


Raphael Alexander said...

I have a problem with it, not as a Conservative, but as a person who believes in a free and democratic society. Comuzzi wasn't elected a Conservative by the people and he shouldn't sit as one.

Of course I would welcome a by-election to determine that.

Kevin said...

Since the last election.

1. The Liberals elected a new leader who is more or less a socialist.
2. The Conservatives have morphed into Liberals.

I see no problem with him joining the new Liberal party. He was elected as one.