Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Canadian "No Fly List"

This type of thing just doesn't fly with me. I mean, I'll use the same argument against this as I would the long gun registry: just as criminals don't register their guns, do you really think a terrorist is going to use a passport with his/her own name on it? nah.

Trying to catch any criminal with any type of legal registry is a complete waste of time. That's my take. Here is what some others have to say.


Raphael Alexander said...

It's silly. The no-fly list in the U.S. has captured a total of zero terrorist. Zero. Ziltch. Nada. Bupkiss.

hunter said...

I don't think banning flying will work any better than banning guns, trans fats or farmers from selling their own wheat works. It takes away an individuals rights.

arctic_front said...

this message is directed to Hunter:

I was following you pretty good until you said that "it takes away individual rights"

I just want to ask equate the individual rights of a farmer and gun owner with those of a terrorist?

I do not want to see a day in this country where a 'known' terrorist is afforded the same rights as a farmer or anybody else. I want to see pictures of dead terrorists in the news, thank-you-very-much

I agree that law abiding citizens should have thier rights protected, but anybody that is know to intelligence services and finds their name on a no-fly list.....deserves no-quarter, period!

We should hound them until they leave this country and never come back.

hunter said...

Artic Front, A known terrorist should be denied all privileges of citizenship, period. Yet, we have the opposition demanding Khadr's release from Guantanamo so he can come back to Canada. That's the problem, lefties love banning guns, but try to ban a suspected terrorist, who killed a soldier, they want him back in Canada. But they can throw a farmer into jail for 6 months because he donated some grain to the 4H, in the US.

The problem is that lefties are not logical. They want to ban farmers from selling their own wheat, but don't dare have a no-fly list, that's unconstitutional.

Kyle said...

Interesting comments guys.

I might also point out that one of my other issues with this type of system is the ease at which people can find out if they are on the list. Subsequently, if they prove to be on the list, they can adjust a strategy and try to alter an identity.