Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Coincidence, I think not.

This is the second resignation in as many days by a Liberal MP. Not only do I find this highly suspicious but also a complete disrespect for democracy. I wonder if Jim Peterson would be resigning so soon if Paul Martin had won last time, i think not.

Its interesting strategic move for the Liberals but really means little considering both are safe Liberal seats. The Prime Minister has 6 months to call the by-election and it must be called for within six months from then. Essentially this means that there does not need to be a by-election for 12 others words, we will likely see a general election before these by-elections. This would be a smart move by Harper.

On the other hand, Harper has about 2 weeks to call a by-election in Jean Lapierre's old riding Outremont in Quebec, another safe Liberal riding.


Calgary Junkie said...

How safe is Toronto Centre for Bob Rae ? I'm pretty sure the NDP will throw everything including the kitchen sink at Rae. And if that riding is truely hopeless for the Conservative candidate, then how about we pull a "Liberals for Joe Clark in Calgary Centre in 2000" sneaky move on Rae. I.E. get CPC voters to back the Dipper candidate.

Kyle said...

Thats an interesting thought, I've heard it thrown around by some torie already. We will see what happens.